Freezer Doors

M2 Freezer Doors

M2 Freezer Door

The Dynaco M2 Freezer Door is designed for both interior and exterior use, providing cold storage in environments down to -22°F.

  • Standard size – 15′ x 15′
  • Constructed of reinforced vinyl PVC (multiple colours available)
  • Galvanized steel side guides with heated cables to prevent ice build-up
  • Polyethylene inner side guides to provide a thermal barrier between the door and the wall
  • Galvanized steel side guide covers
  • 2 HP motor
Safety Features
  • Infrared photocell opens door, and keeps it open, if obstacle detected in path of door
  • Detector in side guides reverses door if an obstacle is contacted while door is closing

Supplier Website: Dynaco Doors

VersaFlex Cold Storage Doors

The VersaFlex® was specially-designed with every component being a part of the hittable process. Using Jamison’s patent-pending Shearflow™ technology, panels are constructed with internal layers that move independently when struck. The Shearflow design reduces its normal rigidity by 75%, yielding to the impact, without damaging the panel or door components

  • Superior Trailing Edge Assembly for excellent door seal
  • The Living Hinge—Panels are Independent of Carrier
  • Heated gasket system prevents icing in cold climates
  • The Highest R-Value for a hittable door—Select from R10 to R32
  • The Industry’s Best Operator—Select between the dual speed Powertron® or the Powertron Digital Controller.
  • Retrofitable panels—Exchange your Jamison Mark IV™ hard door panels with flexible VersaFlex® hittable panels.

Supplier Website: Jamison Doors

Model AC Air Curtain

Model AC is HCR’s basic unit — Horizontal, Curvilinear, and Recirculatory. Its air stream produces counter-flow forces equal and opposite to the two-way flow-through forces caused by air temperature differences.

  • Wide open environment while maintaining temperature
  • Significantly reduces two-way air exchange
  • Greatly diminishes air infiltration
  • Mixes air at the interface between room air and
    the air curtain’s air stream
  • For open doorways between cooler-to-cooler,
    cooler-to-ambient, and freezer-to-freezer
  • Available in stainless and powder-coat finishes
  • Can be used between two freezers without requiring any heat

Supplier Website: Jamison Doors