High Speed Doors

M2 Wind Resistant Doors

  • 18′ wide x 18′ high (optional sizes up to 39′ wide x 18′ high)
  • For exterior use where harsh weather conditions and/or high winds are a factor
  • Withstands winds of up to 110 MPH (depending on door size)
  • Door moves up and down at 48″ and 96″ per second, respectively
  • Gear driven, push/pull operation
  • Constructed of reinforced vinyl PVC (multiple colours available)
  • Self-repairing in the event of a collision with equipment
  • Fastest roll-up door in industry
  • Best sealing roll-up door
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Soft bottom prevents injury or damage in event of door collision with people or equipment
  • Infrared photocell in side guides to prevent door closure if object under door
  • Pneumatic bottom edge detector

Supplier Website: Dynaco Door

High Speed Roll Up with Egress Option

The Dynaco Egress option is available on many M2 and SLIMLINE doors. The Egress option allows for quick escape in the event of an emergency by simply pushing on the door in the marked location. There are no controls to operate, no power is necessary, and no special training is required to operate the door.

  • T-shaped cutout, held closed by zippers, in the middle of the roll-up door
  • Opening is 6.7′ high
  • Maximum width of 13.2 ft.
  • Pushing at designated spots causes seams to release and allow exit

Supplier Website: Dynaco Door