Dock Product Category: Dock Levelers

VS Series Hydraulic Leveler

Poweramp’s® VS Series vertical storing dock leveler offers unmatched environmental control for customers with food storage or temperature sensitive applications. By storing in the vertical position, the VS Series allows the overhead door to form a perfect seal to the pit floor. VS Series levelers offer improved cleanliness, overhead door protection, increased security, improved productivity …

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Mechanical Leveler

Metro Dock’s Mechanical Dock Levelers are the economical and safe solution for basic loading dock applications. They are manually operated and easy to use. To operate, simply pull the release chain located at the rear of the deck. The dock will rise and the lip will extend, at which point the dock leveler can be …

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HM Series Mechanical Leveler

When size does matter, choose Poweramp’s® HM Series heavy-duty mechanical loading dock leveler. With 29 inches of direct rear hinge support and a high-strength deck constructed of a combination of structural steel “C” channels and “I” beams, the HM Series provides exceptional structural superiority for heavy-duty applications. HM Series Levelers come in 6’, 6’6” and …

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Hydraulic Leveler

Metro Dock Hydraulic Dock Levelers are easy to operate, convenient to use and are the most cost efficient model over their lifetime. They are operated by a single push button control with a constant pressure feature to ensure safety throughout their cycle and are designed with a four-inch tilt in the rear hinge to compensate …

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LHP Series Hydraulic Leveler

The LHP Leveler utilizes cost-effective hydraulic technology with our efficient deck and frame design to produce a reliable, price sensitive hydraulic dock leveler. Features

EH Series Hydraulic Leveler

The EH Leveler combines superior structural steel characteristics with an economically efficient hydraulic system Features

VH Series Hydraulic Leveler

The VH Series is a fully hydraulic, feature-packed leveler for the value minded consumer. It combines a structural steel ramp design with a proven hydraulic operation to produce a safe, reliable, yet economic hydraulic dock leveler. Features

PR Series Hydraulic Leveler

The PR Series is a heavy-duty, premium quality loading dock leveler that provides unmatched productivity and safety with a superior structural steel design. The PR Series is completely hydraulic in both engineering and operation. Features

Vertical Storing Leveler

Metro Dock’s Vertical Storing Dock Levelers are perfect for food and beverage handling facilities, cold storage and other applications requiring environmental or security control. When not in use, the dock is stored in an upright position, allowing the overhead door to close to the pit floor. This feature provides clear access to the loading area …

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