Dock Product Category: Seals & Shelters

Dock Wedge

Dock Wedge Series DW allows complete and unobstructed access to the full width and height of the trailer interior and shipping door while providing outstanding weather protection. The trailers back through the vertical pads forming a wiper seal that hugs the trailer’s sides with a header curtain that sits on top of the trailer unit, …

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S40 – Stationary Truck Shelter

The Metro Dock Stationary Truck Shelter is constructed of flexible vinyl fabric to wrap around the truck sides creating an unobstructed opening for full access to the interior of the trailer. Features

S90 – Water Guard

The Metro Dock Water Guard is a canopy application that can be mounted above existing head pads, curtains or by itself. It seals against the roof of the trailer with the sweep pad and deflects rain to the sides, keeping workers safe and your product dry. Features

S10 – Foam Pad Dock Seal

The S10 Dock Seal consists of durable foam side pads and a head pad to cushion the truck against the building and create the tightest seal for optimum energy efficiency and cleanliness. This dock seal is best suited to a dock where traffic is consistent. Features

S20 – Adjustable Curtain Dock Seal

The S20 is a great solution for docks that receive trucks and trailers of varying heights. Once the truck is backed into the side pads, the head curtain is lowered using a pulley and cleat system to form a tight seal. Features

S70 – ‘l’ Dock Seal

The L-shaped side pads of the S70 Dock Seal flex against the side of the incoming truck to create a tight seal without obstructing the opening. Great for trucks of varying widths, this seal is also equipped with a head curtain for varying truck heights. Features

Series 0101 Stationary Dock Seal

Designed to work best where the vehicles are generally a standard size, the 0101 is an economical way to form an air-tight seal between the building and the back-end of the trailer. The resilient foam pads can be covered with a large selection of tough abrasion resistant fabrics, creating a tight seal that blocks out …

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