Truck Restraints

PowerHook Truck Restraint


The PowerHook ensures the safety of your employees by securely restraining the trailer so it cannot move while being loaded. It is the premier restraining system on the market today.

The PowerHooks automated system automatically detects and secures the trailer at the dock by latching on to the trailers Rear Impact guard (RIG) and holding it in place with 35,000+ lbs. of force.

When not in use the hook is safely stored out of site below the dock.

Pulling force: 35,000+ lbs. Horizontal range: 0″ – 15″, vertical range: 7″ – 34″

  • Recessed design – for unobtrusive access
  • Positive restraining force eliminates “trailer creep”
  • Restraining force in excess of 35,000 lbs.
  • PLC solid state control
  • Exterior strobe emphasizer
  • Compact “traffic style” exterior lights
  • Amber light – caution indicator
  • Automatic restore feature
  • Diagnostic – fault indicator light
  • Keyed override
  • Operational range: 0” to 15” horizontally, 7” min to 34” vertically
  • Designed to meet 1998 NHTSA regulations
  • 5 year structural and hydraulic warranty

Supplier Website: PowerRamp

Rotating Hook Restraint

Load and Lock Restraint

The Rotating Hook Truck Restraint is a hook-style restraint that holds the trailer in place with more then 30,000 lbs. of force to reduce the risk of injuries to staff, and equipment damage from accidents due to trailer separation at the loading dock.

Designed with versatility, dependability and ease of use in mind, the Lock and Load Truck Restraint offers the following advantages over other hook-style restraints:

  • Hook is continuously engaged due to the one-way braking system on the custom built motor
  • Ease of service due to discrete components in the control box
  • Keyswitch override in control box is standard
  • Long life, energy efficient LED lights
  • Works with trailers with a rear impact guard (RIG) height from 9″ to 27″ inclusive
  • Strong enough to withstand 32,000+ lbs. of pulling force
  • Mounts up off the ground to keep components clear of ice, snow, and debris
  • Automatically adjusts to truck RIG height as truck backs up to the dock
  • Constructed of corrosion resistant zinc plated steel
  • Bright yellow zinc plated hook for visibility
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Suitable where ground-mounted restraints are not feasible
  • Supplier Website: PowerRamp