Dock Levelers

We carry POWERAMP dock levelers equipped with the latest and greatest technology

  • Hydraulic Docks
  • Mechanical Dock
  • Pneumatic Docks

Hydraulic Docks

Hydraulic Docks


The PR Series Leveler is a premium, high quality, pit style hydraulic dock leveler. The hydraulic controls and actuators are designed specifically for dock levelers and include features such as a tamperproof velocity safety fuse, and low pressure, double sealed, ram design lifting cylinders with a chrome plating to ensure a long service life.


The “VS” Series hydraulic dock leveler is a vertical storing leveler. There are a number of significant benefits to storing the leveler vertically. Trucks with hinged trailer doors can back right up to the building, without stopping, and open the doors inside the building, reducing downtime and improving security.

Mechanical Dock

Mechanical Docks


The “HM” series mechanical dock leveler is ideal for heavy duty applications where superior strength is required. The Cam Controlâ„¢ Counter Balance Assembly uses a precision lifting roller and metered cam assembly to ensure smooth operation.

Pnuematic Docks

Pneumatic Docks


The “AP” series dock leveler brings value, power, and performance to you operation by providing the power of air at a price that rivals mechanical dock levelers. The “AP” series dock leveler uses a high volume, low pressure, 115V fan to inflate an air bladder to raise and position the deck.


The CentraAir pneumatic dock leveler is a proven, safe, and dependable alternative to mechanical and hydraulic levelers. It features an automotive grade air bellows system that draws air either from an existing air supply, or from a dedicated compressor. It has an integrated control system that allows for push button or manual activation via dual lanyards.